Philosophy & Values

Before introducing you to the philosophy and values behind MILLENNY, let us tell you a little bit of something about ourselves first. Everything we, human beings, do always comes from within. And there is always a reason behind every decision and choice we make. They say if you want to make a difference - start with yourself… And we did… Long before we realised it.  With an enormous influence from those who raised us!

"They say if you want to make a difference - start with yourself… "

We owe a lot of who we are today to our parents. They’ve shaped us and planted so much seeds in our minds. And some of them, we’ve noticed, are growing more and more in recent years. We were raised by amazing people who valued everything they owned. In our childhood it was never about quantity of things, but rather quality. Things were meant to last. Our parents never bought anything without an  actual need of it, only as a replacement of an old item. It was not really a question of money; more of a belief that everything should be useful and should be treated accordingly to last. And it worked. Until today our parents have some items that are a lot older than we are and that are still in a pretty good condition:)

When comparing our parents generation and our own there is a noticeable difference in attitude towards things and the pace in which we live our lives.  We are Millennials - and we are always busy! We have things to do, places to be at and we are constantly working towards our dreams. We aim to change our lives and lives of people around us for the better; we care about and fight for everything that matters to us with such passion!

"We aim to change our lives and lives of people around us for the better"

And with our overbooked schedules we are also faced with what seems like a tiny choices but they follow us everywhere daily. From what to wear and  what to eat to what and where to buy and on and on… But even though they might seem to be insignificant they tend to overwhelm and drain you because each option must be weighted against alternatives, which is really unnecessary  for an already preoccupied mind. Most of the time we don’t even notice them, but how many times, let’s say, in the groceries store you were staring at the fully packed shelf of cereals and just for the longest time couldn’t decide which one you want to buy because there are so many brands and flavours, and few new ones that you haven’t even seen before? And when combined with the beliefs that a better alternative might exist we end up being paralysed with indecision. Sounds like a script for a scary movie… But we’ve been there and not just at the groceries store. Its what most of  us have to deal with almost every day!

Over the years, as people who are constantly seeking simplicity, we decided that we don’t want to waste any more and energy over these small decisions.  And started to live more by mantra that we’ve heard from Marie Forleo: “Simplify to Amplify”

“Simplify to Amplify" - Marie Forleo

Just think about it. Everything in our lives takes up space. Whether it’s mental, physical or calendar space, and we only have so much room. And for us, a simplified life means that you get rid of any extra mental and physical clutter, so you can be more efficient with your time and focus on things of bigger importance to you. We believe in simplicity and practicality of everything around us. It helps us make faster choices, minimise that daily clutter, and saves our precious time. It reflects in our clothes, accessories, and all the products that we choose… Everything…