Have you heard the new term #Bleisure? It basically means combining business travel with some leisure activity. We travel for work quite often and most of the time would squeeze in some touristic activity while in a new place. After a number of trips like that, we learned a thing or two about what kind of bag to bring and what to pack in it. Having a perfectly organised bag with easy access to whatever you need when you need it can make bleisure experience a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Travel essentials Work travel bag


Personal Item. We slide our BRERA Work Tote over the luggage handles and just glide through the airport.
Suitcase. We usually have a 20” Carry-On with 4! properly spinning wheels.

Laptop. We basically don’t go anywhere without it! We put it into the X Laptop Bag that’s attached to BRERA Tote. We always try to do some work before boarding and whenever there are delays. And it’s also great to use this time to clean up of your devices. Surely, there some files and docs you no longer need.
Noise cancelling headphones. They make a huge difference. Trust us!
Book. Catching up on reading is a great way to pass time in airports or the flight. We are planning to read Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson on our next flight.
Notebook + Pen. For jotting down those brilliant ideas that we would
always get at the most unexpected moments.
Portable Power Bank. It’s a lifesaver! Especially when there are no available outlets close to you.
International Adapter. To be honest we usually forget it and end up asking for one at the hotel. But hopefully after writing this post that will change.
Eye Mask. A perfect way to get a good sleep even when it’s daylight out but you are preparing yourself not to get jet lagged.
Neck Pillow. Is a must, especially on longer flights!
Large scarf. Airplanes can be freezing sometimes, so a cozy travel wrap that doubles as a blanket is definitely one of the essentials.
Shoes. We usually prefer wearing sneakers while traveling.

The air on planes is recycled, low in humidity and tends to suck moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated. So, the following products are always in our make-up bag:
Face Moisturiser. Hand Cream. Face Mist. Lip Balm.
Dry Shampoo. Makes us feel somewhat human after a long flight with a connection
Wet Wipes and Sanitiser. Planes, trains and other public transportation are not usually the cleanest places, you know what we mean.
Toothbrush & Toothpaste. For a mid-flight pick-me-up. Deodorant. Just have to have one.

A mixture of snacks. Airplane snacks are usually unhealthy and underwhelming, so we come armed with healthy snacks.
Reusable water bottle. Have to stay hydrated.
Gum. Not only helps with your breath but also a great way to subdue mild nausea.

Anything else you’d add into your work trip essential list? If you are a frequent #Bleisure traveler we would love to hear your expert packing tips in the comments below!

P.S Don’t forget to download an ultimate packing checklist for your next work trip.





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