Two For Two! MILLENNY 2.0 ➟ 3.0

This past year has been…Well, different! In so many ways…

We’ve learned a lot, experienced a lot, looked back on our previous mistakes a lot. Our strength and passion have been tested with the recent event that is still occurring. But the most important is how we will change things for the better from now on. We loved the path we walked, but it’s time to reflect and adjust.

With the recent events, we were forced to slow down with our lives to the pace that none of us was quite ready for. And even though at first it looked like a curse upon us, after a certain amount of time this slow living helped us realized what’s really important. How much time we wasted on things that mean absolutely nothing. And how little do we really need to function and be happy! This is a change that all of us will never forget as it marks a new beginning for a lot of things!

This given “free time” was a blessing. It opened our eyes and helped us to see a road ahead of us so clearly. And as we are going into the 3rd year of MILLENNY we want to share with you all the changes that we will be making along the way!:)

Sustainability. This one is pretty important to us. We want to make sure we are making the lowest impact on the environment of our beautiful planet. Because every small change starts within ourselves. We’ve always cared about the amount of wastage we could create. So whenever we went into production we always made sure that all the small pieces of leather could be used. Hence, the reason for us not to manufacture a lot of different colors. We never wanted to pre-order raw materials only for us, always used only those that are in stock. And in addition to all these things, we will be changing our facilities in favor of environmentally friendly ones. As before, we will keep our production quantities small to avoid overproduction.

Transparency. We’ve always been honest with all of you, but we will take you on a further journey into our facilities and tell you more about our suppliers and show you how MILLENNY Bags are made, all the way from design to production. You will get to know us more, our values and what drives us, join us in our office and see what our days look like:)

Community. Over the past two years, we never thought that we would be surrounded by so many amazing people who became our friends, supporters, inspiration, and just all-around astonishing women! We’ve been overwhelmed with the presence of all of you in our lives and will continue to introduce you to each other in any way possible. Because you don’t have to be famous to influence people around you. And everyone we meet along the way is true heroes for us. And we believe that the people you surround your self with have the biggest impact on you!

Sometimes changes are just necessary, they might be scary and they force you to dive into the unknown. But with all our hearts we are ready to bring you MILLENNY 3.0.


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