Carpe Diem – this is what an incredible fearless woman that we would love to introduce you today lives by.
And yes, she DOES! 

This month’s MILLENNY Woman Of The Month is an inspiring woman, real estate agent and consultant who’s building a lifestyle brand, she just launched a podcast while being a mom to an adorable little man. There is nothing she can not do! Meet Naomi! 

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?
Hi! My name is Naomi L. Klein! I use my middle initial to differentiate myself from the famous writer Naomi Klein. People tell me every day, “Do you know that’s the name of a famous writer?” It’s gotten me a dinner reservation once in NY. I didn’t say anything but didn’t correct the hostess either.
I have been in real estate for almost 16 years. I have represented a lot of athletes and entertainers, however, the majority of my clients are attorneys. I actually wanted to be an attorney when I was younger and then a therapist so real estate is a mix of both! I get to negotiate contracts and work people through their emotions as purchasing a home is quite an experience and expensive commitment.
Within the last year, I have created the Business Lifestyle Brand“Sundays In The City”. It has been quite a ride. It’s also a way to sprinkle a little Sunday into every day.
 I wanted a way to showcase amazing brands like MILLENNY and the people behind the brand, in an intuitive energetic way! There are some amazing people and ideas out there and I want to be as supportive as possible and help them with exposure. Beginning in 2019, I launched my Podcast
“The Startup Lifestyle”, a business lifestyle show for the female entrepreneur. After all, we all start somewhere!

What motivates you?
My son motivates me! He is my muse. He’s almost 19 months and we just have the coolest relationship, full of laughter, cuddles and the truest unconditional love. I actually didn’t realize how lazy I was until I had my little munchkin to provide for. He kicked my work ethic into overdrive!

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?I’ve been scared to write! I was writing something years ago and I let a couple of close friend’s negative vibes kill mine. Until now. Instagram has actually been great for writing exercises and building my confidence. Other than that I’m pretty fearless and own my intuition. I mean, after all, I did drive my parent’s car when I was eleven. What?! I knew I could drive. I may or may not have also taken my eight-year-old brother at the time with me. To this day my mom will still get pissed when she is reminded of this story. #SorryMom


What advise would you give the younger version of you?
Love with all of your heart no matter what happens! Work with the intuition you have. Be selective with whom you let into your inner circle but be kind to everyone (It’s a difficult balance for me to this day). Business-wise I would say, nurture your contacts even if that means only a holiday card every year and thank GOODNESS there was no social media when I was younger!

What are the pros and cons of being a female entrepreneur in 2019?
GREAT question! The pros are we have drive, intuition and more support than ever before. The cons I am seeing are women getting in their own way with self-doubt, and not feeling like they are enough with who they are or what they do. My podcast is about helping women get comfortable making money and owning their talents and stories. Everyone has something beautiful within!

Quote to live by?
“Never Lose Your Childish Enthusiasm” From Under The Tuscan Sun I could say this a million times a day!

 Who’s your role model and why?
My role model is my mama and my baby! They are immersed in unconditional love, continuing knowledge and research and positive reinforcement. It makes me feel fulfilled when I’m able to reflect it right back to them and others around me.

What was your biggest “A-ha” moment?
My biggest A-ha moment was when I was 12 years old. I threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents with 75 of their closest friends. No clue how I pulled it off with a jukebox, tables, chairs, and caterers in our back yard, and had people park on the street incognito. I sent my parents out to dinner and they were so surprised when they got home. Please keep in mind this was WELL before the days of the internet! How did I pay for this?! Who trusts a 13-year-old party planner? What 13-year-old coordinates an anniversary party with adults?? Who loved the celebration by the way! Side note, I planned it in a week!

The A-ha moment was if I can think it, I can DO it. If you ask HOW your WHY isn’t strong enough…yet! I’ve never been one to ask How I just do it! There are some GREAT hits and GREAT misses and I love it all! I also love love and seeing people happy and enjoying brilliant moments in life!!

Where is your dream destination?
My dream destination…hmmmm…I have never been to Italy, which I feel I would LOVE, but I love the South of France in the Summer. There is just something about the heat, the Mediterranean and the European sensibilities that ignite my soul!

And finally, what essentials are in your MILLENNY bag?
Well, I have the Brera Tote so what ISN’T in there? My essentials are my monthly planner. Cannot live without it! My laptop. My key card to the office, my wallet (which looks more like a change purse) chargers, business cards, notebooks, pens, white-out, and gum. Spearmint and watermelon flavored! It basically looks like college exploded in my gorgeous tote!


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