"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right." - Henry Ford 

Today we are excited to introduce to you this amazing boss lady! From winning Shark Tank brands to some of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America, Lexie Smith, Founder of THEPRBAR inc., has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs gain accelerated success through the world of Public Relations. 

Tell us about your self and what do you do?
I am the Founder of THEPRBAR inc.. In short, I teach entrepreneurs and businesses how to increase their impact, influence, and revenue with PR. I do this through two primary programs. Pop Fizz Clink! – a 1:1 program for entrepreneurs and small businesses – and then I also have a Corporate TrainingProgram for companies wishing to develop an in-house PR team. Outside of work, I live in Ventura, California with my husband and our rescue dog Mac. Huge travel fan, former student-athlete (basketball + soccer), lover-of-puns, true-crime, HGTV, and anything outdoors. Oh, also, proud self-taught juggler.

How did the idea come about? What is your favorite part of your job and why?
I have always been in some shape or form an entrepreneur, even from a little girl. I remember sewing and selling Beanie Baby beanbags around the age of 7 and having a pretty high-trafficked lemonade stand during the summers too haha. In 5th grade, I ran my school’s student store, and I remember getting called bossy – while I’m sure my delivery needed definite refinement, I think this was probably an early sign that I possessed some sort of desire to lead. Fast-forward and I reached a point where I was tired of having my life and schedule dictated by an outside company. Thus, I dug deep,  married my passions with my skill sets, identified a need I felt wasn’t being properly addressed in the market, and THEPRBAR inc. was born. My favorite part of my job? Knowing that I played even a small part in my client’s journey towards success truly lights me up. Every dang time they experience a win, you bet ya I am right there celebrating with them!

What's the craziest, most outrageous thing you want to achieve?
I firmly believe in the concept of "working to live, not living to work". I want to take my business as far as I can financially, without having to sacrifice my lifestyle. Thus, I genuinely don’t want some multi-million dollar empire where my days are largely spent putting out fires and managing employees. My true end-game? Be happy. Perhaps that’s simple, or perhaps to others, it sounds crazy, but truly it’s my end game goal.  

Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become? And who inspires you the most? 
Who I am today can be attributed to many different people but I have to give the largest shout out to my parents. Hands down I would not be the woman I am today without their support and guidance. It’s funny, the older I have gotten, I have more and more of those “wow that was so my mom” moments – good and bad ;) *Love you mom*. Who inspires me the most? Honestly, this answer is consistently changing for me. I’ve never really had one end-all-be-all aspirational idol that I’ve looked up to. Whatever life chapter I’m in, I find I am inspired by those who have reached wherever I am wanting to go in that moment. Right now that looks like a list of female entrepreneurs who have seemed to master a successful work-life balance.

This year has been challenging in so many ways, what do you do to improve your mood when you are feeling down or uninspired?
I learned some time ago that protecting myself mentally from burnout needs to always be my number 1 priority. Thus, if I am having a terrible day (assuming all my clients have been serviced), I physically force myself to step away from work and technology. While yes, I often do work 14-hour days, for my own sanity I have become pretty dang good at recognizing the start of a spiral and allowing myself to step away from work before I start the downward plummet. Often, this includes going on a walk or even just doing a household chore WITHOUT my phone so I can’t be tempted to check my emails.

If you could jump on a plane and go anywhere in this world, where would you go and why?
I am HUGE self-proclaimed travel-addict. I’m blessed and lucky to have traveled all over the world (even living abroad for some time in Italy.) Before COVID hit, my next big bucket list destination was Portugal. 

Work bag What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?
OH this one is hard! Aside from traveling (because that is always where I will first put my money), I’d probably get deep into crafting and art. I love painting, and doing really anything creative, but supplies can be expensive!

What lifestyle changes have you been meaning to make for a while now? Or did in the past years?
I made a HUGE lifestyle shift by taking THEPRBAR inc. full time this year. By doing this, I was officially making a life choice to put myself, my health, and my dreams first. 

How does your weekend look like? What's your guilty pleasure?
PRE-COVID a lot of weekend getaways and adventures with my husband! Now, working on various home projects, hiking, biking, and going to the beach locally, and always grocery shopping and laundry on Sundays! I have more than a few guilty pleasures. Here’s one – Domino’s pepperoni pizza with ranch, wine, and a new Netflix movie with the husband on a Friday night hehe.

What's in your Millenny bag?
My laptop, iPad, a notebook, pens, business cards, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, hairbrush, face powder, lip gloss, sunglasses, and my epi-pen.

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