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We are Yulia and Olya founder, fearless friends and the driving force behind MILLENNY. Setting out to create a brand that empowers women and supports our busy modern-day lifestyle, we launched MILLENNY with our much-anticipated debut 3-in-1 work and travel bag.

 Our journey started back in 2008, in the South of China when we were both studying and working towards bigger and better things for our lives. Both of us felt equally passionate about our work and studies but felt like busy schedules could be made far easier, with a hard-working and multi-functional bag that would support our lifestyle.

 Living an entrepreneurial dynamic lifestyle from around the world means we have to carry essentials for any situation. A laptop bag is obviously a must, as you can’t just put all of your chargers in a bottomless tote or it’s laptop compartment, together with everything else you might need throughout the day. Phone, documents, makeup bag, keys, sanitizer… you know what we mean, the list is endless!!!

 We both wanted to be able to move from place to place, fuss-free, without having a bag on each shoulder, and one in our hands too. We needed a work bag that would work hard for us, but upon searching, found little in the way of stylish and practical bags, designed specifically for the 21st century woman. We needed a work and travel bag that wasn’t just a style statement, but a purpose-driven piece that worked hard and supported our everyday.

 This is when MILLENNY was born!

Created for the female force that’s driving us forward and changing what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, MILLENNY supports the female go-getter, the entrepreneur and the bold and brave woman worldwide.

 MILLENNY provides peace of mind, support, and security. It makes everyday life fuss-free so that you can spend your time wisely, working towards what really matters to you.


Keep on hustling,

Yulia & Olya x


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