A few days ago we realized that we, in fact, are Millennial ExpatsMore than a third of our lives we’ve been living abroad.  And one of the questions we are being asked a lot is – “Is this your home now?”… And it gets you thinking…Is it really? Because it does feel like home most of the time but then you go back to your hometown where you were born and it still feels like home there as well…

Let us tell you a little bit about our globalness. For a starter, we were both born in two different countries – Russia and Kyrgyzstan.  Even though at the time of our birth it was actually one, called USSR, later on, our countries parted their ways to create a different cultural experience for us. Making a decision to move to China in our teen years to learn the language took us on a completely different adventure. It’s where we’ve met and decided to create MILLENNY almost a decade after.

Being expats for the past 15 years gave us an opportunity to be surrounded by so many different nationalities and languages. We've met friends from all over the world, and learned so much about their cultures. And this is one of the best and worst parts of being an expat. Worst, because you constantly saying goodbyes and watching your friends moving to other countries. But the best part is you can always visit them;)

As probably 99% of you, we absolutely love to travel and explore the beautiful corners of our world. And there is always someone to catch up with almost anywhere we go.

The first time we ever thought of creating our own brand was actually during our work trip to New York a couple of years ago. We got so inspired by this city’s fast-paced life where it felt like everyone was working on something great and moving from one place to another. And after the longest walk around the beautiful neighborhood of Soho on a quite warm and sunny February day we were so determined to build our brand that before we even got back to the hotel we already had so many ideas to work on. There is something special about New York. It’s forever in our hearts.




And our global journey didn’t stop there. When needed help, we never looked only in our “neighborhood” but tried to go through all the connections we made in the past years. MILLENNY’s branding, for example, was done by a friend of ours who lives in Brazil and whom we actually met in Milan. Who knew when we met him that he will help us build our dream.

In the past few years, we’ve attended so many webinars done by women from the US, UK, and Australia to learn more about everything there is to learn about business and entrepreneurship. ⁠Being part or Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide and Female Founders Collective brought us together with so many amazing women in different business spheres around the globe and we are so grateful for that!

And last, but not least, our lovely customers, who come from so many different countries - US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and counting, make us feel like there are no borders and will all live in this one big global village.

When creating MILLENNNY, that’s exactly what we wanted it to reflect. It had to be a truly global brand, as we are global citizens of this world;)



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