How To Find Your Perfect Work Bag

When it comes to business bags, you need to be extra careful when choosing one. Because it won’t be JUST a bag, it’s going to be THE BAG! It will be with you all the way through AM to PM, office, meetings, business travels and everything in between. It will carry the most precious items - your laptop, important document, personal necessities and maybe even snack for the extra busy days. It will represent you and everything you stand for! Not an easy task hey?

Being busy women, who are constantly on the go, we came up with the list of considerations that need to be taken into account when investing in that perfect trusty Work Bag.

Well, bigger the better one might think. But let’s get real, do you really want to exhaust yourself by the end of a day by merely carrying that unnecessary heavy bag? We all know, that women have an ability to fill in the bag, no matter how big it is. So there are two things you need to consider when choosing size. First, it cannot be smaller than A4 format, you wouldn’t want crumpled documents and papers. And second, your laptop size. Even if you don’t carry your laptop everyday, it is important to still be able to use your bag for it. So do not compromise on that point.

Sometimes it matters more what’s on the inside than on the outside. To avoid the situation when you just can’t find anything in your bag due to the lack of organisation in it, make sure there are enough compartments to carry your most used items. We’ve already covered laptop compartment, but there are also such things as phones, note books, wallet, pens, business cards and more that should be at the tip of your hands whenever you need it. And you should not waste time on looking for those items. Keeping all the things in its place help you retrieve them without even looking into your bag;)

Travel - Friendly
Some days are just from point A to B. But some are to the C,D, and even E. And last thing you need is to worry if your bag is suitable for all the possible occasions that might occur. Your bag needs to function 100% whether you are going to the business meeting, dinner out with clients or traveling. Little things like luggage strap might not seem as important, but you will be so grateful for being able to just slip your bag on your suitcase and head to the gates stress-free.

Material & Style.
Work Bag is an investment. It should stand the test of time in terms of style and durability. Make sure it can be staple in your wardrobe and last you throughout seasons. Changing bags everyday to match your clothes is time consuming and overwhelming. You can spend those precious moments on something more important.

Same goes for the material. It will determent how long your bag will last. And as it’s an investment, we want it to last as long as possible. Leather is very well-know for its durability and resistance. There are lesser chances of tear due to its high quality.  As well as style and timelessness.

Some Extra
There always will be something more to take into account, such as key or bottle holder, adjustable straps and shape of the bag, water resistance of the lining and ways to carry your work bag. Above all, you want to know that your bag is going to do its job well and that it will continue to do so for a very long time. 

In MILLENNY, we design to make your work commute easy and smooth. Help you simplify your day by creating a product that will support you and help you achieve your goals in no time. One business meeting at a time ;) 

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