To take you on a journey with Biscayne, we would have to go a few years’ back to the point when my life changed from spending the whole day at the office to being in the office sometimes and going places most of the other times. 

And it was such an exciting change. There was this whole new world of entrepreneurship to explore! So many people to meet, business meetings to arrange, conferences and events to attend. And that’s not even considering everything that is happening in the online world! If only we could have Hermione’s Time-turner to allow us to be at different places at the same time;)

When life takes you on a journey from A to B, from B to C it’s important to know that no matter where my day will take me I’m prepared for it. From morning workouts to business lunches and dinners with friends to short trips outside the city. I used to have a small backpack, and carry half of the things in my hands. And no, it was not a mini one. But it was not big enough, and yes I have a lot of things that I carry with me every day!

A backpack was always the first choice for me, unfortunately, if I wanted to have one that would fit everything I would have to sacrifice my style for the sporty-looking backpack, hence I choose to sacrifice smooth transitions between places with a small one.

But we live in different times now where we don’t have to sacrifice our style or practicality anymore.

When started to work on our first backpack for MILLENNY, first we wanted it to be spacious, but at the same time, it couldn’t be bulky. Organized inside out, because having items in their places makes finding them so much easier, which saves you time. And last, but not least it had to look professional, because how we present ourselves matters. These were the core things that we wanted to incorporate into our backpack. And since it was supposed to be an everyday work bag we had to make sure it would not add any extra weight to your everyday items.

Work laptop backpack for women

 I don’t know about you, but these are the things I cannot leave my house without: 

Travel backpack for women 1. Laptop (duh),
2. Book (not a kindle person, I love reading old-style turning pages)
3. Notebook (you never know when great ideas might come, so better be prepared to write them down)
4. Earphones (because there is no life without music)
5. Bottle of water (it’s important to stay hydrated)
6. Small necessities (hand and body cream, sanitizer, lip balm, little bottle of perfume) 
7. My gym clothes (I’m there 5 times a week) and sometimes I even manage to squeeze my lunch box in it.

And as you can imagine all of these fits easily into the backpack that we created and with the help of our followers we called it BISCAYNE (but that’s a whole another story).

BISCAYNE became my best work & travel friend since the day I picked it up straight from the factory after finishing our final quality control check of the backpacks way back at the beginning of 2019. After more than 8 month of using it almost every day, I realize what it truly means to be on the go hands free and not to have to worry if I look professional at the meetings anymore, or stress about long trips knowing that all the features of my travel, work, and everyday bags are all in one now!

At MILLENNY we aim to make your transitions between commuted easy and smooth, so you can get to that meeting hands and fuss-free!


MILLENNY Co-founder


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How big is Biscayne Work Backpack?
The size of the backpack is L 11½” x H 15" x D 5" and can fit up to 13″ Laptops (max laptop dimensions: H9½” x W12¾” x D⅝”)

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