Let me tell you a story of how my days used to be. Living an entrepreneurial life doesn’t mean you are chilling all the time and get to do your work whenever and wherever you want. It’s a 24/7 hustle…that you truly enjoy!

laptop bag for women Like for many people these days my computer is my office, and I carry it with me all the time from AM to PM together with many more necessities (We will get back to them bit later;))

Just not so long ago I had a tote bag that was big, but not big enough to fit my laptop and everything else. So I decided to buy a dedicated bag for my laptop, the only option I could find was a pink version of that manly briefcase kind of bags that not only made me look like a nerd but also added an item to my already full shoulder.

And you know, there are those days when you running from the office to the groceries store and finding yourself with another 2-3 bags in your hands. Then you catch yourself thinking that maybe what you really should invest in is that “old lady’s” cart on wheels that they take to the markets early in the mornings, to avoid all that extra weight you put on your shoulders and hands and stop looking like an exhausted Christmas tree on an offseason covered in bags. Because that’s exactly how I felt! One of those days I really wished there would be a bag that could support my everyday life and be versatile enough that I wouldn’t ever need another one. And that was an ignition spark that gave start to my quite unexpected journey of creating that perfect work, travel and everyday bag!

First things first! It had to have enough space for the laptop, so I could forget about carrying another bag that I hated. And to make sure it would be versatile I decided on designing a detachable laptop sleeve, for those days when I just want to leave it in the office or when I have a night out with friends and don’t want to overload my shoulders. So, all I had to do was to remove it from the bag leaving my laptop safe and sound in a sleeve and head out without even thinking of switching bags. It had to be organized (I have a bit of obsession). Every essential had to have its dedicated space and be easily found.

Laptop bag women work bag

One of the very important items in every woman’s bag is her wallet. How many of us used to stuff it with things we don’t really need and carry that crazy big thing in our bags? Well, I was one of those people. And I wanted to switch it to something slim, but spacious enough to fit my cards, some cahs and, of course, my phone! So that I could easily just take the wallet with me on a brunch or a quick store run for some mid-day snacks. That’s how the idea of the snap-in-and-out wallet was born.

Work tote bag But the list or requirements for my ideal work bag doesn't end here!

Whenever I traveled, I hated to switch to another travel-friendly bag and pack an extra one for the rest of the trip. Aren’t you also frustrated when in the airport and trying to rush through it and your bag just wouldn’t stand on the suitcase making you stress even more? So a small, but the very important feature was to have some kind of a strap to be able to slide through the luggage handles. And as I really like thing with functionality and double purpose, that slip through strap turned into an idea of a zippered at the bottom pocket for your everyday use that you could easily unzip and slide the bag onto your suitcase so that you can run through the airport hands-free.

I believe in minimalism, practicality, functionality and that everything should have a purpose in our life. And that’s exactly what Brera 3-in-1 Tote is for me. I haven’t switched to any other bag since the very first sample. Yes, my bag is still a prototype one. It’s been with me all over the world, workdays, business trips, meetings, dinners and everywhere I’ve been in the past year and a half.

As a person, who always tries to be prepared for everything my bag is full of different things. For some people that’s a lot, but these are the things I cant’ live my home without: Laptop, phone, chargers, headphones, keys, my kindle, planner, pens, hairbrush, sunglasses, sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, make up bag, medicine, snacks, sometimes I even find a pair of fresh socks in there.

Knowing how much Brera supports my life, at MILLENNY our main mission is for every woman to have that support so that they can focus on what really matters to them and be on their way to greatness prepared for everything that life could throw at them! 


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